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Hello friends,
As you know Christmas is on its way every one want do decorate its home as much beautiful it can.

so today I gonna show you 4 ways to decorate your garland because without the garland your Christmas  decoration is incomplete and will not look great as you want it to be.

so lets begin….

  • DIY Paper Chain Garland for Christmas

  • Material required

A4 Red and green papers

Pencil Ruler


Glue stick

  • How to make

Start by marking 1 inch on each side as shown in the video. Connect the points to draw lines and cut them out. From each A4 paper you will have 11 pieces. Make round circle from each piece and stick it. This way you will create your first piece of the chain. Take another piece put it on the circle created and stick it as shown. Keep making the chain until its long enough as per your requirement. You can make it long or short according to your preference. This is a very beautiful and simplest way of making garland to decorate your home for Christmas.

  • DIY Paper Christmas Garland 

Spruce up your Christmas decorations this season with a personal touch using something you already have lying around your house: paper! Delicate white paper leaves with touches of red paper holly make this DIY Christmas garland a must-have addition to your Christmas decor. Let Better Homes and Gardens show you these simple steps to make a festive paper garland that will make even the dullest mantle more merry!

  • Paper Ball Garland

  • Material required

Red and white paper

Round object to draw circles



Glue stick Thread

  • How to made

Start by folding paper in half then again in half. Do not fold more then that because it will become difficult to cut them. Draw circles using any round object. I have used washi tape. In this way you will have many circles at once. I have used A4 sheet of paper and drawn 6 cicrcles using washi tape. When you will cut them out you will have total of 24 circles. Now fold these circles in half. For making each ball i have used 8 folded circles. Glue 8 pieces together and stick thread as shown in the video. You can make it long or short according to your preference.

  • DIY Merry Christmas Garland

DIY Merry Christmas Garland/How to make Christmas Garland/ Christmas Garland Decoration Learn How to make Merry Christmas Garland from Color Papers and Pom Pom in simple and easy steps. This video has step by step instructions to help you home decoration ideas for Christmas Festival. It’s a beautiful DIY of Door/wall decoration for New year & Christmas.

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