6 Steps to Choose Right Email Marketing Platform

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Often at times, my head start spinning when I looked around so many email platforms. Though most are good and work for bloggers, small business, and websites business owners.

It is necessary to keep end goal into consideration when choosing best email platform. I tested various platform for email marketing but my number #1 Preferences is for one which is hassle free.One that not required piece of strings or techi stuff. Simple is always safe right!

Here are the list of 6 core steps when choose right platform for email marketing because for the time being, If you you find not one suitable for campaigns then your lists may be at risk!

 Automated Autoresponder Sequence

Regardless of the platform you go with, they must have a way of enabling you to schedule e-mails to send to each and
every one of your list members on a scheduled basis.

 For example, if somebody joined your list on Monday, they get the e-mail update for Day 1. On Tuesday, they get the e-mail update for Day 2. When another person signs up for your mailing list on Friday, they get Day 1’s update and so on and so forth. 

In other words, your mailing list platform must be automated and powerful enough to market to all your list members on an individually scheduled basis. This is crucial if you want to use your autoresponder e-mail sequence to turn your list members into buyers.

Powerful Universal Update Features

Sometimes, you need to send an update to all your mailing list. For example, if you’re holding a sale or you have some important news to share, you need to be able to reach everybody at one time. Your mailing list platform
must be able to deliver your e-mail to its recipients. Otherwise, it’s failed at its job.

Unfortunately, not all e-mail marketing platforms do a good job in delivering your email.

 Four powerful players stand out: OptinMonster, ConvertKit, MailChimp and Constant Contact stand out amongst the rest. These services have a solid-gold reputation for getting past spam filters. They are so trusted by mail services like Gmail and Yahoo Mail that their e-mails usually get through. 

Deliverability is crucial. Regardless of whether you are sending autoresponder text or
you’re sending a late-breaking update.

Apps and Integrations

Apps and integrations can help you grow your audience by pulling in rich customer data that you can turnaround and use in your targeted emails. Your apps can give you a ton of valuable customer insights including purchase history, demographics, preferences and more.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is all about testing and splitting or comparing results from different subject lines, CTR rates, send time and message length. Right Email Marketing softwares have integrated analysis tools.

If you can see what’s working for your audience you can learn from there, and polish, to create the most successful emails ever.

Insist on E-Mail Templates

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to compose e-mails. To make things easier on yourself, you probably would
want to use a template. This is an e-mail that’s been formatted a certain way.

There are e-mail systems that are purely template driven like ConvertKit. Others expect you to come up with your own e-mail design each and every time. Others tend to push you to using text-only e-mails.

Consider Alternatives to E-Mail List Recruitment Page Designs

One alternative you can try for building your own squeeze pages is a service called LeadPages. This online service
enables you to use a two-step process to get people to sign up to your mailing list. This is a very powerful alternative
to how e-mail lists are normally presented on a page.

Usually, people load a page, and they would see the e-mail form where they can enter their e-mail address and their name. They would then click a submit button, and they would get their freebie.

 The problem with this one-step layout is that it doesn’t really qualify people based on how eager they are for whatever it is you are offering to give your page visitors in exchange for the e-mail address. Maybe they’re just curiosity seekers. Perhaps they just want the freebie. Most likely, they didn’t read the e-mail form correctly. 

Whatever the case may be they enter their e-mail address, and you end up with a list squatter. This is a person who just stays on your list without reading your e-mails or, worse yet, buying anything.

LeadPages solves this problem by enabling you to use a two-step opt-in system. People have to click an ad link to end up at a page where they can actually enter their e-mail address.

By using this two-step process, only truly motivated or genuinely interested list members are attracted by your offer. Sure, this may result in a lower subscription, but you have more peace of mind as to the quality of list members you will attract.

Do you have an email list? What have your subscribers been most responsive to?

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