How To Start your Dream Blog Right Way

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Do you want to start blog right way? Do you lack technical knowledge and starting a blog can be terrifying though especially when you are not geeky. Guess what! It’s not really that hard or expensive!

In the tutorial below, I will show you how to start a mom blog by securing a domain name, getting hosting for your blog & teach you how to write your first post.

Blogging is not the only way of living or to make money but its help you to show your expertise to the right audience and connect with right people. It helps you organize your thoughts and Ideas in well-crafted articles and guides.

What do you need to start a WordPress Blog?

Well, you need these three things to start a blog right now.
1- A domain name idea (this will be your blog name i-e
2- A web-hosting account (this is where your site live on the internet)
3- Your attention for 30 minutes

Yes in the next 30 minutes I will take you by hand and show how setup your blog from scratch. The whole process is summarized as below

  • How to register a domain name for free
  • How to choose a best affordable hosting
  • setting up WordPress
  • Choosing best theme
  • How to configure necessary plugins
  • write your first blog posts
  • how to add a contact form
  • How to add Google Analytics

Step-1. Setup

A lot has already been discussed whether to choose branded or niche specific domain name, intentionally am leaner toward branded domain name because it gives you wide hand to add multiple categories in later stages of blogging.

Following are free tools that help you brainstorming and choosing good domain names.

1- Shopify Domain Name Generator

This is quite a handy tool when it comes to choosing a domain name. All you need is to type in your favorite subject (hobby, passion, interests) and let generator find tons of domain name ideas.

One most important advice is to always register a domain with .com extension because it’s more authoritative and uses globally for commercial purposes.
After choosing a domain name, it’s time to register your domain to web-hosting registrar where your website or blog is live on the internet.

 Pro Tip: If you purchase 1 year of hosting in advance through Bluehost, you’ll actually get a one-year domain name registration for FREE! 

Bluehost is one of the oldest hosting service providers and working with WordPress since 2005. On top, they offer up to 60% OFF on first-year web-hosting and their hosting setup is nearly instant.

Getting started with green “get Start Now” Button on the main window (Click here for reference again)

Bluehost offers three hosting plans for its prospects.
• The starter package is the $3.95/per month (12-month option)
• Plus package is $6.95/ per month (12-month option)
• Business pro package is $14.95 per month (12-month option)

If you are just getting starting out I recommend you to go after starter (3.95$) option. You only need to upgrade your plan when you hit a decent amount of traffic, until that happens, choose starter plan and save yourself some money.

Another worth mention point is that if possible choose annual payment cycle because it does not only save you some bucks but also offer reliability and save you from monthly payment schedule headache.

Step 2. Install WordPress

After choosing a domain name and setting up web-hosting, next step is to setup WordPress. Those who don’t know, WordPress is a free platform for setting self-hosted blogs. Open CPanel logins details in your email you use for sign up and follow the step below.

1. After logging into Cpanel, Find the WordPress icon under Blogs & click on it & then click on Start (this will begin the installation)
2. Next, you will click on “Advanced Options” and create a username & password for your blog. Now you’ll definitely want to make sure that both your username and password are secure and unique.

3. Click on “Automatically create a new database for this installation“. This will create a new database where all of your blog posts and images will be hosted.
4. After all of that, click install!

Step-3 Choosing Blog Theme

I usually go after the themes that have good layout options and simple blog settings. Following are the checklist when choosing a theme for your blog

  •  Content Builder ( Does theme have built-in content builder i-e headings, color content boxes, lists style)
  • Blog Style (if you are like me, you’ll want your blog to be cute and sassy and reflect your personality! Premium theme comes with blog style like Masonry, classic, modern, boxed, wide or full width etc)
  • Widgets ( As your blog grow, you need some handy tools to control your engaging readers and effective way to interact with them i-e Author box, Contact form, Sidebar Ads etc)

There are literally thousands of themes in WordPress, as you are just starting out; you need to figure out this whole blogging thing and as I recommend you to start with a free WordPress theme

 You can change your theme by going to your WordPress dashboard and clicking on Appearance » Themes. You can use the advanced search feature to find a certain theme that fit your business, for example, if you are in photography business or boutique, you can put keywords in search option and choose the best theme that suite your business. Click Install and activate to go it live on the blog.  

Some Recommended Themes

1. Genesis Framework (Parent Genesis Theme with a lot of child themes)
2. Thrive Themes ( Themes with a lot of features and style i-e content framework, thrive, Builder, Thrive lead for lead generation, Thrive architect for Visual Landing pages)
3. Elegant themes ( Divi Builder for content generation and styles, Lot of fonts options)
4. TegDiv Themes

Step-4 How to Add a Contact form

A contact form is necessary for effective marketing campaigns. It’s way to warm your prospects and engage your readers. You can put contact or opt-in form in sidebar header or popup.
We recommend using the WPForms Lite plugin. It is a free version of the popular WPForms plugin.

 You can install the plugin by going to Plugins » Add New page and typing WPForms in the search box. Next, you need to click “Install” and then “Activate”.  

Optin monster is paid contact form solution. It gives the wide variety of forms to choose and also coded with built-in sign-up and subscribers analytic. But as you are just getting starting out, free plugin is the best solution for simple marketing campaigns.



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