Do You Need a Huge Amount of Traffic to Make Money Online?

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Does title make sense?  How many times have you heard that saying? I really can’t blame you for thinking that if you want residual income online, you need to pump as much traffic to your website as possible. After all, it really all boils down to conversions.

A certain percentage of the people reading your content would click on your ads. A certain percentage of those people will actually go all the way through and buy something. Sounds good so far, right? Well, the problem is, online conversions and making money off the internet goes beyond conversion percentages.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Conversion ratios and percentages do play crucial part affiliate marketing strategies, but it forms just one part of the puzzle. You have to look at the big picture eventually.

In many cases, depending on the niche you are targeting, it makes a lot more sense to drive less traffic to your content. I know that sounds crazy. Let me explain.

Less is More: This is Not Just a Zen Buddhist Mantra

Sarah Titus is playing exceptionally good in personal finance niche, infact his products converting like crazy with far less but targeted traffic

see at his stats below in figure

“Less is more” is literally powerful strategy for affiliate marketers. Instead of beating yourself up and risk burning out trying to pump a huge chunk of traffic to your conversion tools, you’d be better off maximizing the conversion capabilities of your tools.

Sarah is one of ambitious lady who believe in customers, went one step ahead to win their heart by giving value to what later we call as “loyal Customers”

You would probably make more money qualifying your traffic sources so as to ensure that only people who are more likely to convert will show up on your website. You probably would have a better chance of achieving the kind of financial freedom you desire for yourself if you were more efficient in qualifying your traffic.

The Bottom Line

Instead of focusing on massive traffic volume, focus instead on qualifying your conversion tools on two levels.

First, qualify your traffic. Come up with traffic medium or route that is more likely to convert. This means you buy from the right sources. This means you send the right signals so people who are not interested would not click your link.

Secondly engage with targeted audience and in the word of Alex from Create & GO ” PAIN OVER GAIN” mean show them problems in solving style, frame reasons that solve their problems.

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