11 Amazing Ways to Sell More Products and Grow Your List


If you could sell more products and build your list more quickly, it would be a lot easier for you to achieve your dreams of online riches, don’t you agree? You work hard – there’s certainly no shortage of that – but you’re still feeling stuck. You still feel like you could be so much more successful if only you could crack the code. Well, now you can.

You want to sell more products and grow your list, so I’m giving you 11 amazing ways to make that happen. Implement these ideas one at a time and watch your business grow – it’s inevitable that it will if you follow through. That’s the key—you have to follow through and you have to want it bad enough.

Building a Community

It’s so important to be seen as a leader in your niche. This helps your sales because people want to buy from leaders. They want to buy from those they know are influential and experienced. It’s also helpful for your branding. If people know you’re a leader, they’re going to look up to you. They’re going to come to you first for new ideas.

So, the question is, how do you become seen as a leader? There are many different avenues you can take to make this happen.

If you want to create a community, it can be a free Facebook group, Perhaps the single most important factor is to build trust and engage with your community members.

As a leader you can start a topics that spark conversations like contradiction or social perspectives. See how the founder of Makings Sense of cents build a loyal followers with close community.

Creating Your Ideal List

One of the best ways to quickly sell more products, get “bonus” points in perceived expertise, and build your list is to form partnerships and take advantage of the success others have already had. This is a lot easier to do than you think.

creating list of successful people in your niche help to visualize things from marketing point of view! what they are sharing, what content is trending, what products they are launching or about to launch etc.

you can build list by following simple but powerful method.

 Create feedly feed of your ideals: organize your ideals in one place and take advantage of their latest publications and social media presence  

Be the Bringer of News

People desperately want others to tell them what’s going on and how to think. It doesn’t matter which industry it is or what topic you’re talking about, this is something that’s universal. If you can become a news bringer and a thought leader in your niche, you can make great headway as a marketer.

How do you create the latest news? One of the best ways is to develop and publish your own case studies and results. Start analyzing popular beliefs a myths and compare them with your results.

When you run and share your test results, people will pay attention. That’s the kind of thing people love to share on their blogs and on their social media accounts.

 See how SEO Industry Influence Start contradiction  to popular belief about page rank with his case study.  

Fostering Creative Periods

To do well in your business, you need to be creative. That’s really the bottom line. If you’re not creative, you’ll constantly be struggling and you will be left behind. You see, the most creative people are the most successful people.

When you think of really successful people in any industry, they are often the most creative and innovative. These are the people who are willing to take chances

In order to foster creative periods and think out of the box, you have to actively focus on fostering your creativity. Creativity is something you have inside of you already. You just have to let it out.

Like Methew Barby pull extremely creative way to find alternate of email in his popular article ” Life Beyond Email: Chatbot Marketing”

Creating Irresistible Offers to Build Your List

There are always affiliates out there who are looking for great stuff to promote. You want them to promote the products you release. The only problem is that you might not know which products you should create that affiliates will jump all over. After all, there are so many other products out there that it can be hard to stand out.

First, you need to find a hot topic you can create a one-problem product around. It’s easy, and you can create one quickly.

You should also start to build relationships with potential affiliates. Start to promote their offers if you can (and if they have high quality products your readers will enjoy).

Get affiliates excited about promoting your one problem product.

An easy way to start creating and selling irresistible products is to launch on teachable.com. Teachable.com is online platform for hosting courses in easy manner with out any headache. It control all the necessary stuff like refunds, classroom and lecture control, editing stuff etc.

Twitter Cards

Twitter is “for the influencers by the influencers “ mean tweets influences masses over twitter. once you establish authority , you can engage them in way that not only deliver value but also take your offers in easy way. Twitter cards are easy way to capture “email” without even leaving twitter.

Dan from ConvertKit created this awesome tutorial which show how to use this handy tool.

Engage Them with Social Platforms

rightly said the more you engage with your targeted audience through social media platforms like Quora.com , Reddit.com the higher is online presence. These platforms already have tones of niche specific followers.