11 Free Stock Image Sources

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Let’s face facts. The FASTEST way you can BANKRUPT yourself or your online business is to get yourself into legal trouble by using copyrighted images!

Also we dont want to pay either because in most case we are just getting started and t where every penny saved truly counts as a penny earned.

We live in a highly visual world and same count to our online world. Great content comes with great photos or graphics. You can Engage viewers on your website through blog header design, having content start with visual effects etc.

In order to give best visual content to your audience, I enlist 11 free resources where you can find public domain photos.

This handy tool operate like search engine that find open source images all around web.

Every stock photo is search engine for free photos but not all free comes with commercial license.

This is a great place to search for quality photos that you can use royalty free! some photos require credit link

This site features free premium ‘stock photos’ and illustrations for all

This is great place for finding free photography image for personal use.

A great collection of high quality public domain images, free to download. There are no restrictions. Images are sorted into many useful categories and there is no membership required.

Pixbay is my all time favorite stock image arsenal. You can literally find photos for any desired niche.  There is
NO attribution required AND you can use these images for any purpose!

This source is stream of 5000 public label rights photos and more than 8000 cliparts.

This is a great website to find images from the United States government (all USA Government publications are considered in the public domain).

This site has over 5K of free ‘stock photos’ and images of which virtually all can be used for commercial purposes.

Not the best but you can download some free images for commercial purpose. Download personal style images without registration.



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